The mission of MISS NATION is to find the real beauties who, with both their appearance and way of thinking, can be role models for not only their own nation but the entire world as…

We believe that each nation has their own values. Miss Nation feels like its mission to preserve the traditions for the young generation. The MISS NATION queens will be the role models for their nation and reach the young generation representing through speech, activities, events etc. the traditions and values of their country.

We believe that natural beauty is one of the most important value. MISS NATION mission is to put this thought in the education system in the part of the #stayU campaign.

We believe that under the name of MISS NATION the way we dreamt it and created it, it could bring the nations together, so they can admire each other’s values and show their own identity. We did not create the beauty contest in the name of racism and hatred but in THE NAME OF LOVE.

 We believe that MISS NATION strives to change lives and influence young women across and between the nations.

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