The mission of Miss Nation is to find the real beauties who, with both their appearance and way of thinking, can be role models for not only their own nation but the entire world. Apart from standard international criteria (height, physique, face, hair, smile, etc.), other aspects will also be taken into consideration. We put a special emphasis on having contestants who
possess the knowledge, ideas and pride that form a tight bond between them and their nationality. We do believe that a beauty queen is a role model for the entire society. That is why our goal is to choose a queen who the younger generation, her nation, and the entire world can look up to. Regardless of their religion or ethnicity, the contestants have a high level of national awareness and care about their mother tongue. They have a thorough knowledge of their country’s history and geography and are familiar with national customs and traditions. They are family-centric and interested in local gastronomy.
Our goal is for each beauty queen to promote her own country’s tourist attractions, natural assets, gastronomy, traditions and history. Aside from celebrating beauty, we have the mission of familiarising the world with the treasures of the countries that have not had the opportunity to get themselves seen and heard so far. The Miss Nation’s Beauty contest operates in a franchise system and can be joined by private individuals, entrepreneurs, as well as municipal and state governments. Franchisees will be granted the right to organise the contest in their respective countries, within the restrictions
imposed by the Contest Regulations.

Proposal for the organisation of the national contest

The contests are first held within national settings. Thereafter, beauty queens represent their countries and values in the international contest. It is important to emphasize that this contest is not only about looks, but also about national awareness, without which there is no true beauty queen.
The first strategic step in organising the national contest is making the public aware of Miss Nation’s Beauty through advertising and social media. Social media has the advantage of not only being an ad platform, but also serving as an information channel, and can help build brand identity. Participating countries are highly advised to be present on both Facebook and Instagram, but the global Miss Nation’s Beauty social media accounts can be referenced as well, as they are the mutual online platform of all hosting nations. Important deadlines should be clearly communicated via social media; regular posting and engagement of the online community is advised to raise and maintain awareness. Countries should have their own contest websites, but covers all relevant information of participating nations, and can be referenced at all times.


Application criteria:
• Age limits: 21-28 years  (turns 21 in the year of 2019)
• Height: approximately 165-190 cm (no strict rules apply; it is important that
contestants carry national beauty – the ideal height can vary from nation to nation)
• Naturalness
• Hair colour: may not be dyed
• Plastic surgeries: not allowed
• Tattoos: not allowed
• Important personality traits: empathy, helpfulness, self-confidence, national
awareness, charisma
• Education: not an aspect that is considered to be ruled by specific criteria, however,
it is advised to choose a queen who is/has been in higher education as we are looking
for a queen who is intelligent and has good communication skills

Reasons for disqualification:
• the applicant has not yet reached the age of 21
• any pornographic material has ever been made about her
• she suffers from (substance) addiction
• cannot speak her mother tongue fluently

Our Contest Regulations defines the application age limits as 21 and 27 years. We consider that the lower limit of 21 years is justified by the fact that, in our opinion, girls younger than that would find it more difficult to handle the popularity resulting from getting the crown; only an adult woman can confidently follow through on the commitments and handle a journey of constant exposure. Height, physique, face, hair and smile may differ nation by nation, though always following the standard trend. The way to the final includes several challenges. Contestants should be selected in preliminary rounds. The advantage of the Miss Nation’s Beauty contest is that girls of not only a country but of an entire nation may apply to the contest held in the mother country, independently of their place of living, bridging over borders. The simplest way of recruiting girls for the contest is to offer online application.
This, of course, has to be advertised on several forums, like Facebook, Instagram and different media channels. Besides providing their personal details (height, weight, age and, naturally, contact information /email, postal address and phone number/), applicants must attach several photographs to their application. The website contains an option, which automatically imports the photos and details of applicants into a system. The point is for incoming registrations to be pre-filtered by the office, after which potential candidates receive the venues and times of preliminary rounds. During the preliminary rounds, contestants appear before the professional jury also in bathing suits. In the final round of the contest, there is no bathing suit tour, to protect the elegance of the event. In protection of the contest, the bathing suit tour has been cancelled. We cannot allow it at the contest gala as we consider it would be unworthy for the most beautiful girls of nations. Our other criterion at the Miss Nation’s Beauty international contest is naturalness. Nowadays, most healthy and beautiful girls undergo plastic surgeries already at a young age, which has become a sort of norm. We are strongly against this trend and, for this very reason, would like to emphasize with the candidates who reach the final that naturalness is more important than anything else – and this is the message that our queen also promotes to society. Real values, inner harmony and uniqueness are the factors that one can stand out from the crowd with and become the queen of a nation.

Depending on the number of applicants, there may be several auditions, in several regions. Ideally, a total of 16-18 girls should go forward from auditions, who participate in the oneweek preparation camp. As the main goal of the preparation camp is to identify the girls’ real self and competence, it is recommended to set them tasks and challenges which can quickly find out about these aspects. Besides these, the preparation camp also prepares the girls for the gala evening, which is a high-standard, elegant show, which requires much preparation with regards to the girls’ outer appearance and physical condition. It is strongly recommended to use the assistance of professionals (choreographer, fitness trainer, communication adviser, etc.) during the camp. It is advised to hire a permanently available staff for the compilation of the necessary reference materials (photographer, cameraman). Ten girls may advance to the final. The introduction videos of these ten girls must be shot during the camp. The compulsory elements of the final are the (intro) theme song, the cocktail dress tour and the evening dress tour. These are all choreographed elements, with carefully selected music. An entry in costumes decorated with national patterns is also recommended, which may take place as an additional element. However, a bikini tour is not allowed in any form. On the night of the final, it is advised to invite performers who represent elegance and can thus raise the event’s standard further and are a match to the style of the night. During this event, playing folk and classical music is also strongly recommended. Finals must finish in April or May and, by the end of June or early July, the chosen queens must be ready for the international contest, where there will be several entries and each queen must bring with her a performance of her own. This performance should highlight the queen’s skills and talent, so that the hallmarks of her nationality are also represented. Queens are expected to appropriately perform at the international final as they participate there representing a whole nation. It is, therefore, highly important for each country to carefully choose a queen who will meet these challenges.

Press conferences
Press conferences must be held about the events in the host cities of the nations, on the event days. The representatives of regional papers, dailies and weeklies, lifestyle magazines, women’s magazines, online news and tabloid sites and regional television channels should be invited to these conferences. Each attendant will get a folder, which contains, besides the press materials about the event series, sponsors’ introductions. At the press conference, sponsors’ stands can be put on display and the representatives of the press may be given unique, creative gifts that promote the given sponsor’s products.

Eligible sponsors
Such sponsors are eligible who represent timeless values and outstanding quality. They may come from agriculture or the food industry; wineries, producers of meat or dairy products, makers of handmade products, bio-farms. Eligible sponsors also include players of the beauty industry, distributors of (bio) cosmetic products. They may also be companies operating in the construction industry, freight forwarders, firms from the energy sector, the chemical industry, electronics or transportation, which have an image associated with reliability and stability. The designers or creators of industrial, economic or technical innovations may also be potential sponsors.

1. Financial goals

* sell advertising space
* establish cooperation with sponsors
* sell event tickets

2. Non-financial goals

* raise awareness
* contest image building
* country image building
* promoting tourist attractions, natural assets, gastronomy, food industry, wine culture, animal husbandry
* promoting domestic farmers, SMEs, handicraft products, bio-farms, designers, innovations
* promotion of values – nation, family, health, beauty
* establishing cooperation schemes – with municipal governments, drug prevention foundations, NGOs
* networking with the press
* successful implementation of the marketing strategy, using the printed press and electronic and online media platforms
* organise a series of events
* summarising results, follow-up
* establishing a tradition

3. Distinguishing Features Compared to Competitors

This contest is distinguished from all other beauty contests by the following:
* it has a clear goal aside from the displaying beauty – improve the nation’s reputation, country branding
* it uses visual and sound elements (video clip, film clip, song, etc.) to ensure that the message becomes clear to the general public
* in cooperation with designers, choreographers and performers, it focuses on promoting traditional values, the event’s visuals and music elements strengthens national symbols
* it supports the regions that host the event series to improve their tourist appeal
* social engagement in health preservation and drug prevention
* offers alternatives to achieve the desired life quality – education, culture, language learning,

4. SWOT analysis

* it is organised towards a clear goal
* clear message
* improving national awareness
* promotion of values
* country branding
* unique visuals and music
* social engagement
* a key issue that has broad support
* a well-elaborated, feasible marketing strategy

* many market players
* a brand awaiting launching
* self-financing

* establish cooperation with the municipal governments of the host cities
* establish partnership relations with domestic SMEs, farms, manufacturers, designers
* establish cooperation with sponsors
* networking with the press
* successful implementation of the marketing strategy
* winning opinion shapers for the event
* intensive presence

* lack of public interest
* business plan becomes impossible to execute
* uncertainties around funding
* management related problems, low level of coordination 

5. Strategy

Identifying and implementing opportunities:

* Establish cooperation with the municipal governments of the host cities, thus supporting the improvement of the region’s tourist appeal and generation of revenues for the nation. The event’s promotion campaign offers an excellent opportunity to show the given country’s sights, attractions, monuments and traditions in photo and video materials. The media attention triggered by the event also improves the reputation of the country and the region and supports branding. The contest has a countrywide coverage; the continuous information flow during the auditions supports the development of a healthy competitive spirit between cities. An event series like this reaches masses of people and strengthens national identity. According to former experience, contestants who reached success in a television talent show brought to their cities the feeling of belonging together and their success triggered the strengthening of social values. The companies and investors arriving at the city for the event support networking and the reconciliation of interests and may generate revenues for the region in the future.
* Establish cooperation with domestic SMEs, farms, farmers, manufacturers and designers.
* Establish partnership relations with foundations and NGOs. On the one hand, the cause requires broad social collaboration, on the other, bigger media interest and awareness can be achieved by winning recognised organisations for the event.

6. Miss Nation – Key Messages:

* displaying the values of a nation – tourism, agriculture, industry, innovation, etc.
* country image
* social engagement – health preservation, drug prevention
* presenting alternatives – culture, education, language learning, sports
* real beauty depends on lifestyle and values

* Opinion shapers

It is important to win well-known and recognised, successful people to be the faces of the event, ones who can authentically represent our goals. They will be the people who will comprise the jury, campaign for the event and encourage application. They will appear in the marketing campaign, give interviews and be anchor persons. They will play a part in the video clips, in the film clips and take part in the preparation camp. Recommended types of people: performers, models, actors and actresses, social actors, Olympians, people who have a message, whose presence is an event itself and who are known for standing up for different social causes.

* Visuals and music

An amalgamation of the traditional and the urban, the foundation of the event’s music are elements of folk music, in modern instrumentation – see the official website of Miss Nation Hungary. The visuals of the series of events will be the country branding clips shot during the preparation, displayed on LED walls. The dresses of contestants amalgamate modern fashion
trends with folk costumes, their shapes and patterns. The different designers’ creations, the clothes worn in the different rounds display their national identity.

7. Other Online Marketing Tools

The message of the event will also be composed into a song, for which a video clip will be made. Besides, a country branding film clip or clip series will also be shot, in which tourist attractions and natural assets, elements of the agriculture and industry and, of course, the contestants, will be presented in typical national traditions, customs and activities. Viewers will get an insight into the history of the nations, the process of their development and the most novel innovations. The plot of the clip will take place on various sites, the most beautiful tourist attractions, presenting buildings, cities, waters and nature. The videos will be put on Youtube, they can be integrated into the website, the Facebook campaign, the LED-wall campaign and the electronic and online publications. The song can be played on radio channels, the clips can be broadcast in regional televisions and can be used by the television media supporter in the course of promotion. In the course of the auditions and the final, the videos, running in the background, will form the foundation of the events’ visuals. In addition to all these, the entire process, from the auditions, will be recorded, and the face of the campaign, who represents the contest, will call people’s attention to the event and application in video messages – the messages will together form a series, from the venues of the auditions and the camp, and share behind-the-scenes footage and interesting facts. These videos will also be put on Youtube, will form the basis of the content management of the Facebook campaign and will be a continuous subject of public discussion, thus generating more awareness. The videos will be recorded on data carriers and can be distributed as a gift among press representatives, contest visitors and VIP guests. The materials can also be used in the next year’s campaign.

National Media

Winning media supporters for the national electronic and printed press marketing campaign is of key importance. It plays a crucial role in pricing and helps the organisers publish promotion materials in large formats and on a frequent basis. Recommended types of media supporters: women’s and lifestyle magazines, printed and online programme magazines,
commercial radio channels. Much emphasis is laid on the social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) as they can be used to easily reach the target audience, the campaign can be optimised at any time on the way and the prices of advertising are lower than on other electronic and online platforms.


The host country is responsible for the organisation of the final international contest and the five-day preparation camp that precedes it. During this camp, the queens arriving from different countries practice the choreography, the gala tour entries and costume fitting-ons. At the international contest, the clothes for the evening dress entry of the contestants will be provided by our exclusive partner, Silka Fashion. As the gala event will comprise several tours, the queens arriving from the different countries may also represent their nation by wearing national costumes. Between tours, celebrity performers and famous (television) hosts will raise attraction.

* Event venues for the final
The event’s elevated atmosphere and message requires exclusive venues like hotels, castles, theatres or outdoor stages built in the vicinity of tourist attractions.

* Awards
The top contestants receive travels, cars, valuable objects, style trainings, modeling and acting trainings, language teaching and photo shoots. For a year, they promote the products/services of the sponsors and participate in ad campaigns. They also represent their nations in the international Miss Nation’s Beauty contest.

*Social engagement
Each year, Miss Nation’s Beauty chooses and accomplishes a charitable goal. This goal can vary from nation to nation, depending on the respective country’s needs and issues. The goal should be solving a current issue; problems that not only affect the present, but that could seriously impact the future as well. Such issues can be: the standard of education, the
devastation of local agriculture after natural catastrophes, children in need, the distorted values of the new generation among many others. To solve these challenges, serious preparation is needed. First a plan needs to be crafted with all the steps of action. The ‘why’ also needs to be defined: what can we improve and why do we want to do it? The campaign
starts with the support of sponsors (note: these sponsors can be different ones than the contest’s), lead by the beauty queens. The queen herself must participate in the campaign, doing charity work and improving society. The outcome of the campaign is not the most important factor: the message is that when working together, everything can be achieved. In each country, the campaign will run under the “Miss Nation’s Beauty” name, though partner’s names supporting the cause will also be displayed.